12 — Haiti

Feminist Electrification: Ensuring Pro-Women Outcomes in Rural Energy Access

A woman-run organization that creates access to sustainable energy across Haiti.

The Project

Energy poverty, a lack of access to modern energy services, is disproportionally affecting women in rural areas.
EarthSpark International, a women-run enterprise, is meeting this challenge head on by approaching all its energy access projects with a gender lens, referring to this as ‘feminist electrification.’
Feminist electrification increases the participation of and benefits to women in rural areas across infrastructure planning, training and employment, local women-led business support, domestic energy use, and community resource availability.

Key Facts

  1. EarthSpark has sold over 18,000 small-scale clean energy products ranging from solar lanterns to efficient cook stoves benefiting over 80,000 people;
  2. EarthSpark is now working to develop 80 microgrids in Haiti that will directly benefit 200,000 people with microgrid connections and a further 400,000 through access to businesses and services powered by electricity;
  3. Over 19,000 tonnes of CO2 and black carbon emissions could potentially be reduced just by switching from kerosene lamps and individual diesel generators to electricity from a microgrid;
  4. EarthSpark is working on the electrification of cooking in the microgrid context. Replacing charcoal with clean electricity will further reduce CO2 and black carbon while also dramatically improving domestic air quality and boosting microgrid electricity demand. The improvement of domestic air quality will drastically improve women’s health and wellbeing.

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