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Rwanda Green Fund - FONERWA

An environment and climate change investment fund that invests in public and private projects with the potential for transformative change and that align with Rwanda’s commitment to a strong green economy.

The Project

The Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA) is investing in public and private projects that drive transformative change.
It is one of the first national environment and climate change investment funds in Africa. The Fund invests in sustainable wealth creation and poverty reduction by providing strategic financing that accelerates Rwanda’s commitment to building a strong climate resilient and green economy. Funding proposals are approved based on careful evaluation to ensure their return on investment contributes to Rwanda’s climate resilience.

Key Facts

  1. The Rwanda Green Fund has committed investments of just under USD 40 million to 35 projects;
  2. The fund has created more than 137,500 green jobs, provided more than 57,500 households with improved access to off-grid clean energy and protected 19,500 hectares of land against soil erosion;
  3. Investments have supported 104,000 people to cope with the effects of climate change and planted 39,500 hectares of forest;
  4. Investments have reduced the equivalent of 18,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions;
  5. In total, the Fund has raised approximately USD 130 million for strategic climate resilience investments in Rwanda.

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