Chapter IV


Momentum for Change raises awareness about global climate action year-round through an ongoing communications campaign. This is via two main streams of work — a marketing function focused on developing compelling online products and a public relations function focused on pitching stories to the media about these award-winning projects.
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As the leading international authority on climate change, the UN Climate Change secretariat is able to promote our award-winning projects to a global audience — communicating with supporters in English, French, Spanish and German.


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The Guardian   ›   Climate Neutral Now

Forest Green Rovers named world's first UN certified carbon-neutral football club

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Reuters   ›   Women for Results

Defying war and catcalls, Syria's women hop on climate-friendly bikes

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Plant-Based News   ›   Planetary Health

Vegan School Meal Projects Win UN Climate Action Award

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East African Business Week   ›   Climate Finance

Rwanda Green Fund Wins Top UN Award For Climate Action

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Innovators Magazine   ›   All Pillar Areas

Pioneers build Momentum for Change

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Deutsche Welle › Women for Results

When access to electricity is a feminist issue

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Innovators Magazine › Climate Finance

Cacti and credit throw Brazil's drought-parched farmers a lifeline

Innovators Magazine › All Pillar Areas

Projects combating climate change

Times of India › Women for Results

Temple waste recycle project from India receives UN honour

The New York Times › All Pillar Areas

On the Attack Against Climate Change