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MAIS Program: Climate-Smart Agriculture

The MAIS Program is implementing climate smart agriculture across value chains to help farmers plan for drought-intensive periods.

The Project

The MAIS Program (Modulo Agroclimático Inteligente e Sustentável) is helping family agricultural operations adapt to climate change in the Jacuípe Basin, Brazil’s semi-arid region.
It is one of the first ever climate smart agricultural programs to mainstream disruptive climate technologies among farmers in Brazil. The Program helps farmers implement best practices in animal nutrition, farm management, food and water security, and restoration of degraded pastureland soil to help them prepare for times of intense drought and ensure food security in the region.

Key Facts

  1. The program has been developed by engaging 650+ farmers over a 12-year period;
  2. Each US dollar invested in the program has generated about USD 7 in the Jacuipe Basin;
  3. The Program has increased farmers’ dairy production by 63% and increased in their income by 204%;
  4. The program has also resulted in a 30% improvement in pastureland, a 50% decrease in the water footprint of the area’s farms and a 30% reduction in production oscillations;
  5. Over 3 tonnes of CO2 are estimated to be offset for each hectare of restored pastureland.

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