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Santiago Biofactory

The Project

Aguas Andinas, Chile’s largest water utility company together with its main shareholder SUEZ, is transforming Santiago’s three wastewater treatment plants into "biofactories” that convert wastewater and sewer sludge, a wastewater treatment by-product, into clean energy.
All three treatment plants will be zero waste, energy self-sufficient, and carbon neutral by 2022. The project was launched in 2017 to pioneer innovative circular wastewater treatment solutions in Santiago and to push the boundaries of human health and environment preservation standards in the sector.

Key Facts

  1. 100% of wastewater produced in Santiago’s metropolitan region is treated by Aguas Andinas;
  2. As of today, energy recovery from sewer sludge leads to the production of 49 GWh of electricity, 177 GWh of natural gas, and 84 GWh of thermal energy in Santiago;
  3. Over 137,000 tonnes of biosolids from the wastewater treatment plants are reused as fertilizer to grow food.

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