Executive Secretary’s statement

Each year, we recognize some of the most innovative and impactful action happening throughout the world. We refer to these as “Lighthouse Activities” and the Momentum for Change 2019 Annual Report highlights 15 such activities and projects.

Patricia Espinosa — UNFCCC Executive Secretary

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2019 in brief


Dr. David Suzuki narrates a video about the 2019 Lighthouse Activities, concrete solutions to address climate change recognized by Momentum for Change this year. The winning activities respond to specific issues of the four focus areas below.

Narrated by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Planetary Health

Narrated by Edward Norton

Climate Neutral Now

Narrated by Stella McCartney

Women for Results

Narrated by Rachel Kyte

Financing for Climate Friendly Investment

Concrete solutions

Momentum for Change recognized concrete solutions to address climate change in 2019. The following facts tell the story of our success.

Submissions by focus area

Momentum for Change received a record total of 670 applications in 2019. Of those applications, 296 were considered eligible. From 296 applications, 15 were selected as Lighthouse Activities.

Planetary Health / 218 total

115 eligible

15 shortlisted

4 winners

Climate Neutral Now / 183 total

49 eligible

15 shortlisted

4 winners

Women for Results / 162 total

90 eligible

16 shortlisted

4 winners

Climate Finance / 107 total

42 eligible

14 shortlisted

3 winners

Submissions by region and focus area

The eligible applications received in 2019 came from around the world, with the majority from Africa and Asia-Pacific. The 15 Lighthouse Activities reflect this geographical balance, with winners representing twelve countries across four continents.

30 submissions
73 submissions
43 submissions
74 submissions
49 submissions
27 submissions

Application process

A look back at the various steps of the application process, from start to finish.

11 FEBRUARY 2019

Call for applications opened. Read the announcment here.

3 MAY 2019

Call for applications closed.

18 JULY 2019

Advisory Panel selected the Lighthouse Activities.


Lighthouse Activities announced through virtual campaign. Read the announcment here.

9-12 DECEMBER 2019

Lighthouse Activities celebrated at the UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid, Spain.


Total submissions


Eligible submissions


Shortlisted projects


Winning projects

Selection criteria

In order to be considered eligible, all 2019 activities needed to go through a selection process. Here are the principles that have been followed.

Be scalable or replicable
Already be implemented or in the course of implementation
Address climate change mitigation or adaptation
Be innovative and/or demonstrate potential for long-term transformational change
Deliver verifiable social and environmental benefits
Not be registered as a CDM or JI activity